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Ama Design®

AMA Design was conceived in the end of 2013 as a part of Materfut, S.A.’s universe. Using the symbiosis between traditional and visionary materials, AMA Design’s mission is to add a touch of passion to its products, making them desirable and captivating.

Living Collection

Nature Collection


AMA Design’s concept is to add a touch of passion to its products, making them desirable and captivating through the use of noble materials. Our vision is to realize your ideas, making them our challenge. The values that underpin our activity are based on a positive and dynamic engagement with our customers, guaranteeing the quality, rigor and professionalism of our products and services. The main goal of AMA Design is to be able to carry out the commitment to innovation, strengthening and increasing its visibility in the most varied sectors.


At AMA Design, raw materials were designed to have extraordinary efficiency and performance combined with sophisticated aesthetics. The solid surface Corian®, with the possibility of being renewable and repairable, offers unparalleled value to AMA Design parts. The solid surface brings versatility and innovation, coupled with noble and elegant materials such as cork, metal and wood, make each of the designs unique and special.

Simple Collection

Design & Customization