La nueva ‘Corian Joint Adhesive’

Corian® Design tiene el placer de introducir el nuevo pegamiento de alto rendimiento. Llamado Corian® Joint Adhesive, está disponible en Europa, Oriente Medio y África a partir de ahora. Aunque el nuevo nombre – Corian® Joint Adhesive – es importante...

The new ‘Corian Joint Adhesive’

Corian® Design is pleased to introduce the new high performance glue. Call Corian® Joint Adhesive, available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa from now on. Besides the new name – Corian® Joint Adhesive – it should be noted that it is recommended for...
Los nuevos colores – Corian® Resilience Technology

New Colors – Corian® Resilience Technology

Corian® Design has developed a new manufacturing process and know-how called Resilience Technology ™, allowing Corian® Solid Surface to be manufactured with increased strength, easier and faster stain removal and less maintenance. This improved technology reduces the...