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Corian® Design Moodboard

Corian® Design Moodboard

Do you know what a Moodboard is?

The moodboard helps to structure a creative process and thus save time, it’s like brainstorming. It is useful in all stages of the work of graphic designer or interior designer or decorator, but can also be used in less visual jobs. For example, today bloggers use this type of technique immensely to share styles of clothing, make-up, and more.

In the background, it is an assembly used in various creative fields to present a set of visual elements and inspirations that form a concept (fashion, beauty, decoration, jewelery, marriage, anniversary, a future party …). The idea is to create a collage of images: colors, typography, patterns, textures, pieces … The whole must be harmonious in order to work, then, a coherent concept in keeping with those first inspirations.

The moodboard is a great starting point to start any project and Corian helps you in this task. With the new Corian Design Moodboard online platform.

View Corian Design Moodboard here.

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