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The Company

Founded in 2001, Materfut, S.A. is a company specialized in the import and distribution of innovative materials. Motivated by the constant sense of renewal, it invests in giving its team the best training as well as cutting-edge technology. Overcoming, always, the proposed objectives, it is with proactivity that dedicates itself entirely to innovation. Materfut, S.A. does not expect things to happen, it makes them happen!

Mission and Values

Assuming itself as a company truly dedicated to the import and distribution of the recognized brands that commercializes, its mission is fulfilled in the organization and management of the services that it provides, in order to assure the quality and excellence to all the clients. Its vision is materialized in the certainty of asserting itself as a company of reference, guiding its performance through effective management, rigor and professionalism. Its goals and aspirations are daily legitimized by the good results that, together with modernity and competitiveness, have led Materfut, SA to the status of PME Excellence. While guaranteeing a personalized service, do not forget to base your structure on values such as seriousness and transparency in the commitments you assume.

Quality and Certification

Materfut, SA establishes, as a priority objective of its quality policy, the provision of services that offers the client the maximum satisfaction in terms of quality and reliability of operation, for this, it considers necessary the implementation of the Quality Management System established according to standard NP EN ISO 9001.


The investment on human resources is an increasingly requirement of the market in which we are inserted. As such, Materfut. S.A. knows that it has a dedicated, competent and united team. The different professionals of the various departments that integrate Materfut are always at your disposal to help you achieve any idea or business and overcome any challenge or obstacle. Privileging human resources is the most direct way to privilege the service provided and our clients!

Know more about us!


Ângelo Maia

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ricardo Maia

Project Manager and Quality Controller

Roberto Sousa

Head of Sales

Eduardo Marques

Sales Manager – Portugal North

Alexandre Catalão

Sales Manager – Portugal South

Sara Gomes

Sales Assistant – Portugal

Paco Manjarin

Sales Manager – Spain North

Jose Antonio Orence

Sales Manager – Spain Center

Augusto Minen

Sales Manager – Spain East

Fábio Fernandes

Sales Assistant – Spain

Cláudia Martins Costa

Legal and HR Assistant & Marketing Coordinator

Paulo Silva

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Paula Mota

Financial Assistant

Manuel Sousa

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Andreia Patela

Logistics Assistant

Pedro Barbosa

Projects Coordinator

José Cunha

Concept Developer

Miguel Megre

Concept Developer

Carlos Azevedo

Warehouse Officer

Paulo Costa

Warehouse Worker

Joaquim Raro

Truck Driver


Materfut looks for the best professionals in the different areas. If you this you profile matches this way of working and you think you could actively contribute to the development and growth of our team, send us your resume!