Lisbon Architects Magazine - Competition book nº5

Corian® continues to evolve and innovate
DuPont™ Corian® collaborates with designers and architects, artists and manufacturers around the world to achieve new creative visions while continuing to evolve and inspire. Corian® has a wide range of patterns and customized colors. Corian® can be worked, molded or heat-molded, in wooden or metal molds to create design pieces, and also allows for pieces with rounded corners and relief effects, In this way, we can say that Corian® offers architects and designers an immense possibility of aesthetic expression.
DuPont™ works with architects and designers every day to discover new sustainable building solutions for a greener tomorrow.
And proof of this is the system created by architect Orlando DeUrrutia together with DuPont™ Corian® called “Ecocyber System”.
The Ecocyber System is an innovative system that, due to its three-dimensional shape, is a laminar, bioclimatic structure for solar control and energy optimization that forms the skin of the building, which can be an ECOCYBER GAP or ECOCYBER SOLID skin, these systems interact between the interior and the exterior with the environment to obtain the greatest energy comfort.
Its industrialization and 4.0 construction with cutting-edge DuPont™ Corian® materials contribute to reducing the environmental footprint and thus integrating cutting-edge technology.
Award for best national innovation - Spain in architecture and construction 4.0 for the DeUrrutia ECOCYBER SYSTEM invention patent.