Quality Policy

MATERFUT, S.A. establishes as a priority objective of its quality policy, the provision of services that ensure full customer satisfaction in terms of quality and reliability of operation, for which it considers necessary the implementation of the Quality Management System established according to the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.
The general guidelines for Quality Policy are:
• Inform all employees of the company so that they are fully aware of its operations and present
Encourage the participation of company employees, considering their ideas and suggestions, for the implementation of projects aimed at improving quality.

•    Analyze the mistakes and errors that are committed to eliminate their causes and thus prevent them from being repeated in the future.

•    Comply with the required requirements and offer a better service and product than competitors of MATERFUT, S.A. with the aim of improving customer satisfaction, providing a documented method to consider and quantify, as far as possible, to the degree of customer satisfaction.

•    Consider the management of resources, both human and infrastructure, and work climate, which allow achieving compliance with customer requirements.

•    Comply with applicable legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.

•    Continuously improve to increase the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

The fulfillment of these guidelines is, above all, the responsibility of the Administration of this company, which is why it is committed to providing its employees with all the technical and training resources necessary for the fulfillment of this Quality Policy